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Fitoor Movie Download


This Valentine’s Day Bollywood is all geared up to gift two different love stories in the platter. Sanam Re and Fitoor, releasing on 12th Feb, has indeed made “Fitoor” is an Indian Romantic drama directed by Abhisek Kapoor, after his hit films “Rock On” and “Kai Po Che”,and produced by Siddharth Roy Kapoor based on Charles Dickens novel “Great Expectations”. The flick casts Tabu, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in the leading roles. Now you can download Fitoor movie in HD from here.

Aditya plays Pip’s character from the novel, an aspiring artist Noor, while Tabu plays the Indian version of Miss Havisham-Begum Hazrat. Katrina Kaif steps in as the frosty Estella, called Firdaus in the Bollywood adaptation.

The film begins by highlighting the beautiful scenery of it is quite clear from the title “Fitoor” (Obsession) is a love story. It centres on the Kashmiri artist Noor (Aditya) who falls in love with a rich and haughty girl named Firdaus (Katrina).They become intimate, move apart and then come back together again.

The boy cast as Noor speaks with an unmistakable Kashmiri accent, his beautiful and kind sister walks with a mysterious limp that always halts Noor in his tracks, and the brother-in-law is supportive and unobtrusive. When his sister dies in a blast, the limp never explained,   Firdaus goes away; Noor gets bigger and bulkier and finally lands in Delhi. On the other side, instant success and flirty Firdaus achieves ‘a degree from London School of Design’. Lara Dutta may be just an art dealer, but is inconsequential to this story. Ajay Devgan plays Bel Magwitch and delivers an impressive performance in his short role in the film. This movie is also available in 3gp, so you can get Fitoor full movie download in 3gp format from here.

Though inspired from Charles Dickens’ classic novel, it does not quite make the audience flow along unquestioningly with the sequence of the events. It is none other but Tabu takes it upon herself to act for the entire film. Her overladen, overdressed, overwrought Begum has done a hop, skip and jump from Haider.

The dialogue gets somewhat insufferable as the action shifts from Kashmir to Delhi, but the performances go drastically in the opposite direction towards the end. Since “Fitoor” is sat in Kashmir, the state provides a beautiful canvas on which the story is painted, hence cinematographer, Anay Goswami deserves credit for capturing Kashmir’s gorgeous scenery in details. Except few scenes, “Fitoor” comes across as a rather superficial affair and a disappointing adaptation of “Great Expectations”. The screenplay flags and fails to engage the audience despite heart-breaking performances of Tabu and Aditya Roy Kapoor.

The film’s box office too did not showcase enough hope or the movie. With Friday mornings, occupancy levels were as low as 25%-30%. Let’s see if the Valentine weekend can work wonders for the film and take it beyond the barriers of 10 crores.